Drinks On Us!

Set sail in the Caribbean on MSC Seaside, MSC Divina or MSC Meraviglia and receive the Drinks On Us package included with your cruise! Enjoy unlimited drinks from our selection of bottled and draft beers, wines by the glass, house brands of vodka, rum, gin, whiskey, and non-alcoholic beverages for the duration of your cruise. It’s the ultimate in convenience and value!

Book any stateroom category with the Bella, Fantastica, or Wellness Experiences and you will receive the Drinks On Us package ($250 value per person) included with your cruise. (The Aurea Experience and MSC Yacht Club already include all-inclusive beverage packages.) 

What's Included

The Drinks On Us promotion is available in all venues, including specialty restaurants.
Bottled beer (Budweiser, Bud Light, Miller Lite, Coors Light, Corona, non-alcoholic beer)
Draft beer (Heineken)
House wine by the glass (a selection of 2 reds, 2 whites, 1 rosé, 1 Prosecco)
Mixed drinks: selection of house-brand spirits mixed with soda or juice (Rum & Coke, Gin & Tonic, Vodka & Lemon, Whiskey & Coke, Long Island Iced Tea, Cape Cod, Moscow Mule)
• House brand spirits
(straight, neat)
• Canned or fountain soda
(Coca-Cola, Ginger Ale, Sprite, etc.)
• Bottled or canned juices (OJ, cranberry, pineapple, etc.)
• Bottled water
(16 oz.)
EXCLUDES stateroom mini-bar
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Upgrade to Deluxe

Upgrade to get a wider selection of refreshments for an additional $26 per person/per day
• Frozen cocktails, such as Piña Coladas and Margaritas
• Premium cocktails and spirits at the bars
• Specialty coffees
• 30% off bottles of wines and champagnes in restaurants
• Gelato in a cone or cup, drinks at the chocolate bar
• Smoothies and milk shakes
• Including stateroom mini-bar
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Frequently Asked Questions

Quick answers to your most pressing questions

Yes, it is open to both. For NEW FIT bookings, and NEW Group bookings.

The Drinks On Us package includes: Smirnoff vodka, Beefeater gin, Dewar’s White Label and Seagram’s 7 Crown whiskey, Bacardi Superior White rum, assorted selection of Vermouth. Please see the Drink Package Comparison Guide for more details.

The Drinks On Us package is included with the Bella, Fantastica and Wellness Experiences for all stateroom types. The Aurea Experience and MSC Yacht Club already include their own all-inclusive beverage packages.

If you have an existing booking and booked under a different promotion (Save & Sail, 2-for-1 PLUS, Winter Sale, etc.) you will receive the 12 drink vouchers. The Drinks On Us package is only available with new bookings. If you have a new booking and booked with the Drinks On Us promotion, the Drinks On Us package will replace the 12 drink vouchers that would normally come with the Fantastica Experience.

If you are not within penalty period (under 90 days until your cruise), you can switch your booking to include the Drinks On Us package. The new booking will be priced at current tariffs which may be different from those of your original booking.

The All-Inclusive CLASSIC Drink Package.

Upgrading the beverage package can be done prior to the cruise. Only pre-booked upgrades are commissionable. Clients can also upgrade once onboard with any of the bar staff.

Upgrading the drink package will be an additional $26 per person/per day (for the remainder of the cruise length).

Yes they are commissionable if they are pre-booked.

Yes, if they are in the same stateroom. The All-Inclusive DELUXE drink package must be purchased by all stateroom guests, 21 years of age and older, for the duration of the cruise.

Upgrading from the Drinks On Us package to the All-Inclusive DELUXE drink package must be done all at once and for the duration of the cruise. It is not available for purchase on a per day basis.

The Drinks On Us package is only applicable for mixed (not blended or shaken) drinks, such as Rum & Coke, Gin & Tonic, Whiskey & Coke, Vodka & Lemon, Long Island Iced Tea, Cape Cod, 7&7, Moscow Mule. If guests would like to enjoy frozen, blended, or shaken cocktails, they can purchase them at full menu price (a la carte) or upgrade to the All-Inclusive DELUXE drink package.

• With the Drinks On Us package, guests will be responsible for paying a 15% service charge on the original and nominal cost of each beverage purchased. For example, if they order a drink that would normally cost $5.00 (however, free to them), they will be charged $0.75 (15% service charge), which will automatically be added to their onboard charges statement. • With the All-Inclusive CLASSIC/DELUXE drink package, gratuities are already included and no additional charges will be passed down. Guests will not need to pay additional gratuities unless they desire to do so.

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